We’re on a mission to eliminate poor quality advertising and provide exceptional marketing for high quality products to hyper targeted audiences.

Our dedicated team will help your business create compelling campaigns that will speak to your customers and scale your business to new heights.

We are Piff Pie Media.



Our focused digital marketing strategies rely on our deep understanding of marketing, specialised within eCommerce. We analyse your needs and create a compelling strategy to achieve your goals. Our methods are innovative and data-driven with a dose of alchemy mixed in to provide you with real results that are clear and quantifiable. Whether you have a proven concept and want to scale your eCommerce business to multiple 6 & 7 figures with paid ads, or need an organic strategy that blows your competition out the water, we have the expertise to help you.

We know, you heard it all before but what makes us different? Most ‘agencies’ will tell you they can scale your business regardless of your current revenue. But in most cases, this is not possible unless you have a ton of data already and have a proven funnel. We look deeply into the consumer psychology of your customers and reverse engineer their buying behaviour to trace back to the platform of their choice. It may be Facebook or it might be Pinterest. Whatever the platform, we’ll implement a bespoke strategy with a highly targeted campaign, whether organic or paid to drive more revenue for your business leaving no stone unturned in the quest of increasing profit. That’s our promise to you. 



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Let’s face it, times have changed. If you don’t have a team of specialists working and fighting in your advertising corner, you will be bullied by your competition. We first identify your customer avatar and then laser focus on detailed targeting methods to drive sales at the lowest possible price.


Here at Piff Pie Media we use a four-part system named the “Hyper-growth system” which consists of solid foundations + trackable traffic + profitable CAC (Customer acquisition costs) x Ads = Hyper-growth.


Our concepts and methods are battle tested; we don't leave success up to chance and hypotheses. We measure twice and cut once. Our millennial team of diligent, rigorous and disciplined “A players” live and breathe performance marketing. We thrive on results.


Exceptional branding, content creation, storytelling and regular posts is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is mandatory if you are to build a bridge with your audience with consistency. We have a team of extraordinarily talented content creators, copy writers, bloggers and social media manager superstars who will give your brand a voice.

Our campaigns are built with creativity and relevance in mind with the inclusion of passion for our subject matter. We dive deep into brands and target consumers to curate and build communities and to develop a meaningful voice that engages audiences and keeps your brand top of mind. Let us manage your social media for you. We know what it takes to drive successful engagement with your customers, which in return will deliver a strong ROI long term .


Video marketing is becoming more important than ever before. With 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute you need a unique approach to how your brand is portrayed. 


As a digital-first agency, we understand how to tailor your business objectives to your audience and channels. Our talented team will build purpose into your campaigns by transforming the ideas detailed in the strategy into a tangible product you’ll be proud to share. 


We offer everything from strategy consultation to one-off campaign activation and full account management. 


See for yourself what happens when creativity, strategy, passion and skills come together.


How does it work?

A simply three step process

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Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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We first take a look at your existing activity, your strengths and weaknesses, your objectives and your overall goals and desired metrics. We then dive deep into the buying behaviour in your niche, analyse what the current trends are in your market and what your competitors are doing. Once our current and competitive analysis is complete, we construct a full social media advertising strategy for maximum reach and impact.


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Your strategy then comes to life based on our direction, for a fully tracked campaign. Empowered by our initial insights to your business, we will set up a well organised paid or organic campaign that suits both your business objectives. Your campaign is tracked down to the last penny, so you can see how your money is being spent in real-time as well as the results.

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We will use the given data to monitor and look at ways to aggressively optimise and scale the campaign for long-term success. We pride ourselves on being results driven and transparent with our clients that’s why we make sure that throughout the process you are kept in the loop, so you know exactly the results your campaign is churning, leaving you to do what you do best: Run your business.

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